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Coronavirus found in semen of young men with COVID-19

By Peter Ellis, Mark Wass & Martin Michaelis We don’t know much about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, but we are learning new things about it every day. The latest bit of the jigsaw puzzle comes from a small study conducted in China, which found SARS-CoV-2 RNA (the virus’s […]


Zim central bank printing cash as inflation nears 1000%

Zimbabwe has begun printing new notes in $10 and $20 denominations at a time when annual inflation stands at 926 per cent, according to a state media report. Citing Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) monetary policy committee member Eddie Cross, the Sunday Mail report said the decision was “imminent” to […]


Zim hit by Malaria outbreak amidst coronavirus lockdown

At least 131 people have died from malaria in Zimbabwe in a new outbreak, adding pressure to a country already struggling to deal with Covid-19. The fatalities occurred in 201 outbreaks recorded across the country, according to the Ministry of Health. Meanwhile Zimbabwe’s lockdown has been extended by two weeks to […]


Why pandemics create conspiracy theories

From anti-Semitic hysteria during the Black Death to the recent burning of 5G masts, epidemic diseases are breeding grounds for misinformation and persecution. By Richard J. Evans Conspiracy theories about coronavirus have become so widespread that they’re now generating news stories in the national media and provoking public reactions from […]


Zimbabwe extends lockdown by two weeks

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has, as expected, extended Zimbabwe’s lockdown by a further two weeks, although he made some modifications allowing limited mining and manufacturing activities to resume. Zimbabwe’s lockdown was due to end on Sunday, but Mnangagwa pointed out the country’s confirmed COVID-19 cases were on the rise and there was […]


Zimbabwe marks 40th independence anniversary under lockdown

Four decades after liberation from British rule and following many years of Robert Mugabe’s repression, a growing number of Zimbabweans don’t believe they have much to celebrate. For many, it’s a conflict of generations. Tens of thousands of people traditionally flock to independence day festivities around the country on April […]