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Time to end farm invasions for good

‘Henceforth, no more land invasions in whatever form, place or by whomsoever! Be warned!” This was a chilling warning by the Deputy Chief Secretary in charge of Presidential Communications George Charamba via his social media handle on Twitter on Tuesday morning. Interestingly, the warning shots were fired a few days […]


Stop giving despostic regimes in Africa a free pass

Authoritarian and dictatorial governments are repressive, corrupt and inefficient, and they threaten Africa’s chances of unleashing the productive potential of its youth, writes Nelson Chamisa. Africa cannot afford to continue with the authoritarian, dictatorial and despotic forms of governance that are predominant on the continent. Authoritarian and dictatorial governments are […]


When cabinet has become redundant amid a growing securocratic culture

By Ibbo Mandaza At least two references in the media last week – “Mnangagwa’s cabinet hiatus highlights Zimleadership crisis” (The NewsHawks, 5 February, 2021); and presidential spokesman GeorgeCharamba’s assertion that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was back at work to a “very hecticstart that includes taking far-reaching decisions”. The “far-reaching decisions” by […]


‘Dem Loot’: Chin’ono’s viral protest song resonates with downtrodden Zimbabweans

By Taona Denhere The great African-American novelist, poet and essayist James Baldwin once philosophically said: “Music, is our witness, and our ally. The “beat” is confession which recognizes, changes and conquers time. Music itself must act upon time, not lose itself to it; must stem itself against the empty flood”. […]


Rejected by the future: why Museveni failed to crack the youth vote

By Tom Goodfellow and Paul Isolo Mukwaya Yoweri Museveni claimed victory in Uganda’s recent elections, potentially extending his presidential rule to 41 years. The elections were marred by widespread claims of rigging, malpractice and intimidation. At the receiving end of this was his thoroughly brutalised opponent, the pop star-turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as […]