Rejected by the future: why Museveni failed to crack the youth vote

By Tom Goodfellow and Paul Isolo Mukwaya Yoweri Museveni claimed victory in Uganda’s recent elections, potentially extending his presidential rule to 41 years. The elections were marred by widespread claims of rigging, malpractice and intimidation. At the receiving end of this was his thoroughly brutalised opponent, the pop star-turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as […]

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How Mbeki and Obasanjo used soft power in Africa’s interests

By Oluwaseun Tella The concept of soft power has been part of the parlance of international relations for three decades. Soft power actors use non-coercive and persuasive means to achieve their objectives. Attraction rather than force is their preferred language. The application of soft power remains focused on states because of their primacy […]