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Opposition leaders slam Congo election delay

The leaders of the biggest opposition party in the Democratic Republic of Congo condemned the electoral commission’s decision to postpone long-awaited elections for a week and warned that their supporters would not tolerate any further delays, as tensions in the capital reached boiling point. The presidential vote, which should mean […]


Army should be held accountable for killings: CIZC

By Tabani Moyo The final report of the Commission of Inquiry into the events of August 1, 2018 during which the army killed six civilians in Harare has confirmed our long held view that the Kgalema Monthlante Commission was largely compromised to an extent that no credible outcome could be […]

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The Cult of Rhodes: Remembering an Imperialist in Africa

Reviewed by Brian Maregedze Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902) remains a controversial figure in colonialism and imperialism studies. Paul Maylam’s 2005 publication is useful in confronting debates on his role in the colonization of Southern Africa – South Africa and Zimbabwe being well studied. The book by Maylam, although published over […]


Why are thousands of migrants trooping to the US?

By Hallam Bullock What is the migrant caravan? More than 7000 migrants have converged on the US-Mexico border, having travelled more than 2,500 miles to escape persecution, poverty, and violence in their home countries. Many claim their goal is to settle in the US permanently, undeterred by threats of arrests, […]