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Zanu-PF believes Ramaphosa is secretly funding Chamisa, SA paper claims

President Cyril Ramaphosa has found himself in another dilemma after Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF spokesperson, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, threatened to reveal “a bombshell” regarding a recent visit by an ANC delegation to Zimbabwe. According to sources within Zanu-PF, there is a growing belief inside the party that Ramaphosa has been secretly funding opposition […]


Ramaphosa calls Zanu-PF’s bluff

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has waded into a potentially explosive diplomatic tiff between Zanu PF and the ANC over threats by Zanu PF to “leak a bombshell” that would expose and embarrass South Africa’s ruling party. Ramaphosa has come out guns blazing, daring Zanu PF’s director of information Tafadzwa […]

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South Africa hardens ‘quiet diplomacy’ on ‘paranoid’ Mnangagwa

Dispute between former liberation movements makes clear frustration with situation in Harare By Joseph Cotterill in Johannesburg A dispute between the ruling parties of South Africa and Zimbabwe is threatening the longstanding alliance between two former liberation movements that for decades helped shore up the regime of Robert Mugabe and […]

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Gloves come off in Zanu-PF – ANC talks

By Tinashe Kairiza and Andrew Kunambura Fresh details have emerged from last week’s stormy meeting between Zanu PF and South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), revealing that the two former liberation movements maintained diametrically opposed standpoints on how to address Zimbabwe’s multifaceted political and economic problems. Though […]

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In your dreams: E.D dismisses ANC-opposition meeting

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has dismissed prospects of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s envoys and African National Congress (ANC) delegations meeting with opposition political parties in Zimbabwe. Addressing an ordinary session of the ZANU PF politburo at the party’s headquarters in Harare on Wednesday, President Mnangagwa said those who come to […]