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Mnangagwa’s ‘open for business’ train fell off the rails. What happened?

Henning Melber and Roger Southall In November 2017 Zimbabwe’s military replaced Robert Mugabe as head of state with his long-time confidante Emmerson Mnangagwa. He declared Zimbabwe “open for business”, linking foreign relations with economic policy. As he stated We look forward to playing a positive and constructive role as a free, democratic, transparent and […]


Why are foreign countries scrambling to set up bases in Africa?

By Theo Neethling Recent media reports claim that a covert Kenyan paramilitary team is responsible for the unconstitutional killing of terror suspects in nighttime raids. The reports are based on interviews with US and Kenyan diplomatic and intelligence officials. The team was trained, armed and supported by US and British intelligence officers. It has […]

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Zimbabwe dooms elephants to living hell in China

More than 140 young elephants have been ‘harvested’ by running them to exhaustion and then sold to China for human entertainment. By Andreas Wilson-Spath For years, Zimbabwean conservation authorities have flagrantly circumvented, ignored and broken international regulations and ethical objections by capturing elephant calves in the wild and exporting them […]