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Cartels cost Zim US$20 billion

Zimbabweans are chronically underserved by their government: 60% do not have access to electricity, 33% do not have access to a toilet, and 20% have no access to improved sources of drinking water. Cartels are partly responsible for this. They are, without question, the key barrier to the improvement of […]


‘Dem Loot’: Chin’ono’s viral protest song resonates with downtrodden Zimbabweans

By Taona Denhere The great African-American novelist, poet and essayist James Baldwin once philosophically said: “Music, is our witness, and our ally. The “beat” is confession which recognizes, changes and conquers time. Music itself must act upon time, not lose itself to it; must stem itself against the empty flood”. […]

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Zanu-PF’s anti-sanctions rhetoric fails to hide runaway corruption scandals

The Zimbabwean government continues to blame ‘sanctions’ for the country’s economic woes yet it remains crystal clear that corruption and looting of national resources have largely contributed to the economic crisis in the country. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has apparently failed to walk the talk in the fight against corruption with his cronies […]