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Lift sanctions unconditionally, Mnangagwa tells West

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa says his country’s economy is poised for growth despite sanctions imposed on the country by the West. Delivering his State of the Nation Address at State House during the official opening of the third session of Zimbabwe’s ninth Parliament, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged the international community […]


Economic mismanagement and corruption are the real sanctions on Zim

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s address to the United Nations General Assembly last week blaming sanctions for the country’s economic ills fails to take into account his administration’s mismanagement of the economy and failure to root out corruption, both of which have contributed to the nation’s impoverishment. Despite rampant corruption that is […]


Zimbabwe’s sovereign bond plan for white farmers’ compensation is ill-advised

By Misheck Mutize The Zimbabwean government recently signed an agreement to pay 4,500 white farmers US$3.5 billion for infrastructure improvements on the land expropriated by the government during the chaotic land reform programme of 1997/8. The initiative shows commitment to constitutionalism and respect for property rights and restoring the rule of law. The agreement […]

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Govt pleads for cash as Mthuli admits Zim implosion could rock region

Senior finance officials in Washington say that grand corruption and state violence have to go before they resume economic cooperation with Harare In an extended mea culpa on behalf of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has written to the international financial institutions (IFIs) in Washington saying it […]