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Ginimbi wanted statue erected at mansion

The late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure poses

A statue of the late businessman and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure will be erected at his Domboshawa mansion where he will be buried on Saturday, the Kadungure family has revealed.

Kadungure died in a horror car accident along Borrowdale Road in Philadelphia, Harare on Sunday morning alongside his friends Limumba Karim, believed to be Malawian, Alichia Adams of Mozambique, and Zimbabwean socialite and fitness coach Michelle “Mimi Moana” Amuli.

According to Kadungure’s cousin, Darlington Kadungure, the family was going to honor his wish and have his body buried in the gardens of his mansion and also have his million-dollar mansion turned into a hotel.

He also revealed that his late cousin wanted a mausoleum to be built for him and his statue erected at the mansion in his honor.

Kadungure was pulled out of the car following the crash while his three passengers were burnt beyond recognition after his vehicle, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, went up in flames.

They were all coming from Moana’s 26th birthday party at Ginimbi’s Club Dreams, formerly Sankayi.

The Rolls Royce Wraith in which Ginimbi and his three friends perished, parked at the late socialite’s Domboshava home.

Thousands of fans, artistes and relatives were last night gathered at the late socialite’s family home to pay their condolences, while his local and international friends, including Nigerian musician Davido, sent condolence messages.

Relatives said the flamboyant young businessman had declared that no one should occupy his mansion in the event of his demise.

“You know with what has been talked about his wealth, (that he acquired it through unorthodox means), Ginimbi is on record saying no one would occupy his house. He told people that it should be turned into a hotel,” a family insider said.

“He used to say he would want a mausoleum to be built for him such that he will always be remembered by many generations who would visit the hotel.”
He also reportedly wanted a statue erected in his honour.

Ginimbi’s father, Anderson, said though it was sad to lose a son in such a manner, he was not shocked when he heard about the accident as his son was a speedstar.

Police at the accident scene.

“I received a call that he had been involved in an accident. We know he used to speed on the roads, so we were not shocked as the person who was phoning was crying,” he said.

“When we arrived at the accident scene, we saw his car in flames and he was sleeping by the side. He was my second born. Now only two girls are left after the death of the two boys.”

Ginimbi’s mother died this year.

Asked whether Ginimbi had a child, he said he only knew one child, although he did not know the name.

“Aah vakomana ava vanongoita vachisiya haumbovanzwisisa (these boys would jump from one woman to the other, so you would never understand them). We only know of one, but I don’t know the name since we did not stay with him/her,” he said.

Sources close to Ginimbi said Karim had flown from South Africa to attend Moana’s birthday party.

Moana posted this photo less than 24 hours before the crash that claimed her life.

“You know Limumba Karim was a close Ginimbi business partner who could not miss his friend’s invite. He would be here always to support his friend and associate. They were real partners, so he came to be party of Mimi’s birthday celebrations,” said the source.

One of Ginimbi’s relatives Noddy Kadungure, age 43, revealed that Ginimbi had, for the past month, acted as if he knew he was going to die as he had been telling the relatives of his wish to be buried at his lavish homestead, which he also wanted to be converted into a tourist resort.

“It was his wish to be given a befitting send-off and he took his time to inform us how to fulfill it.”

“Ginimbi will be buried at his homestead where he is expecting us to make it a resort place where locals and foreigners would visit.”

“He told us to build a statue at the homestead and also wanted us to allow all his friends to witness the burial,” said Noddy Kadungure.

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