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Showboating ‘Prophet’ Passion Java announces divorce from second wife

Passion Java and Ethiopian born Lily Tsegaye married in Jamaica in 2016.

Showboating Zimdancehall music promoter and self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java, has announced his divorce from second wife Lily Tsegaye.

Writing in Shona on his Facebook page, a bizarre choice given his wife is Ethiopian and his church based mainly overseas, Java announced that his divorce had now been approved, after a year of the couple living apart.

“I regret to inform you that my wife and I’s divorce has been approved. We separated at the beginning of the year so I’m now living in Zimbabwe,” Java said, adding that he was going to provide further details in a social media video tomorrow at 5pm.

Java is one of the many flamboyant so-called prophets who have proliferated on the African Pentecostal church scene, drawing thousands of congregants to their services with promises of material prosperity and miraculous deliverance from physical and spiritual ailments.

Amidst a collapsing economy and grinding poverty in Zimbabwe, the so-called prophets have profited handsomely from purveying hopes of material blessings.

The 32 ear-old Java has been based in the United States for the past several years with his Ethiopian wife, whom he married in Jamaica in 2016 following an earlier divorce from his Zimbabwean first wife, Yasmin.

Java has been particularly active on the Zimdancehall music scene, where he teamed up with leading production house Chillspot Records, sponsoring the label’s musical productions as well as its then-signature artist, Enzo Ishall.

Over the course of this year, Java has worked assiduously to imprint his name on urban youth culture, and also made overtures to curry favour with the ruling Zanu-PF and its leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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