Zimbabwe’s randy Vice-President quits in sex shame

Mohadi romped with married lovers in his vice-presidential office

Disgraced: former Vice-President Kembo Mohadi

Disgraced Vice President Kembo Mohadi resigned on Monday in the wake of a damaging sex scandal exposed by ZimLive.

The 71-year-old had stepped out to blame political enemies for the salacious revelations last week, vowing not to resign and placing his political fate in the hands of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But on Monday, Mohadi suddenly announced he was stepping down, prompting speculation he had been pushed out.

Announcing his resignation in a four-page statement, the now-former vice president, who assumed the position following a 2017 coup that ousted long-time leader Robert Mugabe, maintained that he was a victim of a “grand strategy” by his “political foes.”

“My decision to relinquish the vice president post is also a way of respecting the citizens of this great nation, and my party comrades, some of whom would have been affected by the falsehoods and character assassination in the digital ecosystems,” Mohadi said.

“My resignation is also necessitated by my desire to seek clarity and justice on the matter in which my legal team will pursue and deconstruct this pseudo-paparazzi and flawed espionage to achieve cheap political points. I promise to poke holes on this grand strategy from political foes.”

Mohadi thanked Mnangagwa “for the opportunity to serve under your grace for the past three years” saying he had “literally sat under his tutelage and tapped from his wisdom, clear-eyed vision, and political dexterity.”

While maintaining his innocence, Mohadi also apologised to Zimbabweans for “those tasks I failed to do well. I pray for humility, dynamism, and the great principle to which the feathers of your trust give utterance.”

In a series of leaked call recordings, published by ZimLive, Zimbabweans heard the sometimes-acting president arranging to have sex in his office and revealing he took sex enhancers before enjoying trysts with a married intelligence officer working for him.

He also tried to hook up for sex with a young lady whom he had paid tuition for in college.

The main opposition MDC Alliance and several civic groups, including women’s rights organisations, had demanded Mohadi’s resignation and an investigation into his conduct.

The Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (WALPE) celebrated Mohadi’s departure but insisted on an investigation to bring him to account.

“WALPE welcomes the resignation of Mr. Mohadi as it signifies the need to hold the office of the VP to the highest moral standards. We call on the government to investigate the cases and bring the former VP to account for his misdeeds.”

The organisation also called on Mnangagwa to fill Mohadi’s post with a female vice president. – Zimlive.

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