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Will Mnangagwa-Khupe puppetry project succeed where Smith-Muzorewa failed?

By Taona Denhere Legitimacy in political parlance simply means acceptability or justification of political power or authority and obligation. It explains a scenario wherein the government of the day derives an uncontested popular seal of approval, acceptance, and recognition from the general public. Accordingly, in realpolitik, legitimacy manifests itself in […]

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Populist contradictions in Zimbabwe’s political opposition

By Takura Zhangazha Zimbabwe’s mainstream political opposition in its current divided formations, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance or MDC-Tsvangirai is evidently in crisis.  The MDC-Alliance which brought other opposition parties, including its own splinter groups, together for the 2018 general/harmonized elections has found itself in a split that has sought […]

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Why Gen. Mujuru thought E.D was unfit to succeed Mugabe

Oxford historian, Prof Miles Tendi says the late national hero dismissed Mnangagwa’s liberation struggle credentials as meagre University of Oxford professor of history and African politics, Prof Miles Tendi, has given four reasons why the late General Solomon Mujuru did not want President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed the late former […]